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In the RETAILCOACH workshops, people in charge as well as their staff take part in coaching sessions during which they will discover useful techniques to increase customer loyalty and sales, without stopping the activity.




SupermarketCoach objectives are: 

  • to Improve Sales Increase Skills
  • to Gain Customer Loyalty Skills


PharmaCoach objectives are to : 

  • Improve Sales Increase Skills
  • Gain Patient Loyalty Skills
  • Motivate Patient Compliance


Workshops are based on our exclusive metohology of:  "On the job training", whose aim is to avoid stopping the daily activity, while training is being performed.


Workshops are structured as a four hour interactive workshop with a coaching activity for a maximum of six people, working on team and individual objectives settled on-line beforehand.


















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Content of the RETAILCOACH:

  • Coaching of the Person in Charge
  • Coaching of the participating Team Members
  • Customer Service Workshop "in situ"


Coordination & Methodology: