PharmaCoach Project

PharmaCoach Project

  • Workshops delivered in Spain and Belgium since November 2011: total 944 workshops and 3,020 participants.
  • Workshops were sponsored by SANDOZ/Novartis in Spain and Belgium 
  • Average Rating Satisfaction: 4.72 out of 5 from the Participants and the Pharmacists



PharmaCoach objectives are to : 

  • Improve Sales Increase Skills
  • Gain Patient Loyalty Skills
  • Motivate Patient Compliance




Based on our exclusive metohology of:  "On the job training", whose aim is to perform the delivery without stopping the activity.




A four hour interactive workshop with a coaching activity for a maximum of six people working on team and individual objectives settled on-line beforehand.


PharmaCoach project - videos of participants

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How to see the subtitles

Content of the RETAILCOACH:

  • Coaching of the Person in Charge
  • Coaching of the participating Team Members
  • Customer Service Workshop "in situ"


Coordination & Methodology: